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Chic minimalist interior design from Newcastle interior designer Julie Evans Design

Ready to get started, or want to know more?

Modern and edgy interior decoration from Newcastle interior designer Julie Evans Design

Ready to get started, or want to know more?

When I'm not designing interiors, I'm writing about them...

I love interior design and interior decorating so much that when I'm not working for clients, I'm the Editor of HUNTERHunter’s regular House Proud feature. I’m privileged to step inside Newcastle and the Hunter’s most unique homes and write about their interiors and design process. Here’s a taste of some of the incredible homes I’ve written about…


My Latest Blog Posts

Hello, I'm Julie.

I'm a Newcastle based interior designer making the full potential of spaces come to life.

Delivering on your interior design dreams and creating beautiful spaces.


Interior design and styling of Hamilton South client by Julie Evans Design
Interior design and decorating work at Merewether client residence by Julie Evans Design


Hamilton South


Merewether Beach

All Projects

Interior design and decorating work at Cooks Hill client residence by Julie Evans Design


Cooks Hill

Orange Verite chair souced by Julie Evans Design for interior design client in Cooks Hill



Check out my projects

I can tell you how good I am until the cows come home.... and I can get my best interior design clients to write glowing  testimonials. But sometimes you need to see for yourself the interior design projects where I have created beautiful spaces for my clients. 

My goal as an interior designer and decorator is to make the full potential of every space come to life, and to realise the interior design dreams my clients have for those spaces. Every space is different, and every client has different dreams. My job is to bring those two things together in harmony. So in the end it's about you, it's not about pushing onto you an interior design or decorating style that I apply like a template to every job.


It's not about what I want you to have, or what I want you to buy because I have it in stock or because I get a rebate. It's only about you, your space and harmony.

Working with me as your interior designer is all about you...

As a Newcastle based interior designer, my approach is different to most. We don't use an interior design cookie cutter and apply the same interior design style to every space. Just as every space is different, so is every client. 

Unique interior design styles for you and your space

When you choose to work with Newcastle's Julie Evans Design, I listen to your interior design requests, and am fully committed to making your residential or commercial interior design dreams come true. Delivering on your interior design style, and bringing your space to life is what I do.

My interior design goals

My goal as an interior designer servicing Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens is to enhance the way you live or work by making the most out of your space and bringing its full interior design potential to life. Call me today so we can have a chat about what I can do for you.

Interior design services delivered from Newcastle

Designing and planning how to bring the interior design of your residential or commercial space to life, whether it be choosing colours, fixtures and finishes, or  furniture and art can be overwhelming. I’m here to break it all down for you through simple interior design services including interior decorating, project management, kitchen and bathroom design, BnB styling, shopping assistance and more that deliver you the interior design outcomes that make your heart sing.

My interior design process

You may ask what it's like to work with a Newcastle interior designer like me. Well, I'm pretty awesome so I'm told! But seriously, my interior design and decorating process is tailored to ensure you get the outcome that you're dreaming of and a space that delights you.

Your interior design tastes not mine

It's about your interior design tastes, not mine, so my interior design process is all about making that a reality.

I like to start with an on-site consultation in your space, and my design questionnaire helps to unlock your interior design and styling dreams so that I can match them to your space to achieve the interior design harmony that will make your heart sing. 

What do my interior design clients say about me?

You can take my word for it about how good I am and what I can do for you, or you can check out what my clients say about me, my interior design work and the interior decorating results achieved for their spaces...

Unique kitchen design for the heart of your home

Our kitchens have become the beating hearts of our homes. As a kitchen designer I know how important it is to get your kitchen design right. Bringing together function and aesthetics to create a cohesive, harmonious kitchen is what it's all about so that you don't just love the looks of space, you love using it for what it's meant for.

My kitchen design service will help you to realise your interior design vision for your kitchen so that your heart will sing  whenever you're in this most important and central spaces in modern homes.

Modern kitchen with large island bench and underbench seating and three modern pendant lamps above
Modern bathroom with wall to wall curved bath and wall to ceiling window to the valley beyond

A bathroom design as unique as you are

Our bathrooms are becoming havens from the stress and pressures of the world and every day life. As a bathroom designer I know how to bring together the optimal functionality of a bathroom with it's aesthetic design so that your bathroom design not only looks great, but works great.

My bathroom design service will help you to realise your interior design vision for your bathroom so that it becomes the space that you've dreamt of and becomes a reflection of the style that you adore.

Commercial interior design for great workplaces

Great workplaces start with a great commercial interior designer. We know the elements that make a great workplace. By bringing them together in harmony, you get commercial and office interior design magic. It's all about cohesion. By knowing and understanding the seven elements of great commercial interior design, we create office interiors and commercial spaces that look great and do their job.