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Chic and edgy interior decoration and design

Servicing Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens



Chic modern minimalist interior design

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Committed to interior design excellence

My design process and my approach to residential  and commercial interior design, decoration, kitchen design and bathroom design starts with getting to know you and drilling down to discover your likes and dislikes, as well as how you plan to use your space.

Good interior design and interior decoration is as much about functionality as it is about aesthetics.

When you work with Julie Evans Design you will find that I go to great lengths to ensure that my interior design and interior decoration services and the work I do as an interior designer produces the outcomes that are a reflection of your tastes and preferences.

And I’ve been at it since 2014.

Newcastle based Interior Designer

I'm a proud Newcastle local. I've also lived and worked in the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and a stones throw from Lake Macquarie so I know the area. My office is located close to Newcastle Harbour and Newcastle Beach so there's no shortage of incredible cafes to take clients for coffee meetings!

Since studying interior design and specialising in colour theory almost ten years ago, I've transformed client's homes to their dream spaces. My clients often come to me feeling overwhelmed and are amazed how smoothly their projects come together once they bring in professional help.

Good interior design starts here

Just one example of my work

I’m the very proud owner of one of the Hunter’s most original and successful BnB’s “Brunswick Mews on Darby”.

Interior design style sets BnB apart

The quirky and luxurious interior design that I created has captivated the minds of hundreds of guests and numerous publications have nominated it as a top destination to stay at whilst in Newcastle or the Hunter.

Brunswick Mews' interior design style and interior decoration set it apart in the accommodation market and guests consistently commented and raved about how it contributed to their 5 star experience.

Here's just a sample of the guest feedback we've received...

5 star interior design reviews and testimonials

I was thrilled to receive so many 5 star reviews for the interior design at Brunswick Mews, so consistently. Here's just a sample of the guest feedback we've received...

Question: How much does interior design cost?

Interior design costs can vary depending on the size and number of spaces you want to work on, the extent or scope of work to be conducted and the speed at which you wish the work to be done. As a rule, it’s best to allocate a percentage of overall project budget to interior design, to create the plan on which your execution will be based. Julie Evans Design is one of the few interior designers who passes on the full trade discount to her clients, so that her fees are frequently recouped – often at a multiple – by the savings her clients make allowing them to stretch or save their budget as they like.

Question: What are the most popular interior design styles?

Here are five of the most popular interior design styles right now:

  1. Modern interior design style is characterized by a neutral or monochromatic colour palette, natural materials, minimalism or uncluttered spaces, natural light and clean lines.

  2. Contemporary interior design refers to a style reflecting trends or what’s popular in the current moment. For example curved edges may be popular right now, which would differentiate a space from the modern interior design style where curves would not be a feature.

  3. Industrial interior design style draws its inspiration from warehouses and commercial spaces. It often features big open spaces with few walls, exposed finishes like brick, wood and steel and with metal and chromes and sparse furnishings relative to the space.

  4. Hamptons interior design style features light colours with many white/cream variations, natural or white painted wood finishes and cool neutral shades paired with greens and blue features with furnishings in shades of latte, beige and cream.

  5. Bohemian interior design is a popular style featuring repurposed vintage furnishes and a relaxed and easy going application of style where matching or rule following isn’t much of a concern. It features collections and widely sourced pieces that often tell back stories.


Check out this blog article more: Most Popular Interior Design Styles Right Now (The Ultimate Guide)

Question: Why hire an interior designer?

An interior designer is an expert on your side, working for you. They’re a professional, trained in their field with knowledge specific to their profession that others don’t have. An interior designer should save you money, or at least not cost your budget more. Their expertise extends to knowing where you can save with value options, to free up your budget to focus on areas or pieces that matter most. An interior designer will save you time through their project management skills, and because they work on projects like yours all day, every day. An interior designer knows how to bring the wow factor to your space if that’s what you’re looking for, and have resources and contacts to call on to bring your project to completion.

Question: How does interior design affect mood and mental health?

The link between interior design and mood or mental health has been known for centuries, applied though the Chinese Feng Shui, Japanese Wabi Sabi and Indian Vastu Shastra design philosophies. Design elements which consistently feature strongly in positively affecting mood and mental health include natural light; air flow and abundance of space; plants, flowers, and greenery with foliage; natural elements, materials and finishes; colour; artwork and sound. Correct application of these components in both residential and commercial interior design can lead to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression and raising comfort, productivity, wellbeing, mindfulness, and happiness.  

Question: What’s the difference between an interior designer and interior decorator?

Interior design is the art and science of understanding human behaviour and how it applies in a spatial context to maximise the form and function of that space. Interior decoration is the styling, or furnishing of a space with functional and decorative pieces to achieve a design aesthetic. While there is some overlap between the two, the difference between the two is that interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design.

Question: Is residential interior design different to commercial interior design?

While the interior design process and approach to residential and commercial interior design is largely the same, the spatial purposes, outcomes and goals are vastly different. Commercial interior design focuses on creation of functional spaces, or spaces which need to serve specific commercial purposes, like consumer retail, banking, office work, call centres and the like. Residential interior design also prioritises function, but equally form, style and aesthetic play a significant role so that the what in design is matched by the how.   

Frequently Asked Questions

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