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Chic and edgy interior decoration and design

Residential and commercial interior design and decorating services 



Here’s your opportunity to pick my brain about interior design with absolutely no obligation. I’ll come to your space and have a walk through with you. Ask me anything you like as an interior designer and interior decorator about how to transform your space. Let's talk about colour, light, styling, furniture/art placement or just use me as a sounding board for your ideas.

Modern kitchen as a showcase Julie Evans Design onsite interior design consultation

Transform a room, an entire home or a commercial office with an interior decorating refresh. Your renovation project can take on a new life with my full interior design service to bring your dream space into reality. I'll identify the right furniture and decor looks for your interior design project to ensure your style can be realised and delivered within your budget.

Room with decor in the modern or art deco style

That new house feeling just can't be beaten… This is where I bring to life a new interior in one room or an entire home. We create your dream home with functional space and the right property styling to match your interior design style and budget. Form and function are paramount interior decoration considerations to bringing your interior design dreams to life.

Modern interior design style as a showcase for Julie Evans Design interior decorating service

Whether your project is a renovation or new build from scratch, the amount of decisions to be made on each fixture and finish like style, size, colour, placement and position can be truly head scratching. As your interior designer here’s where I can help... and I make sure your Fixtures and Finishes are in keeping with the full interior design style that we're running with for your space.

Bathroom fixtures and fittings showcasing Julie Evans Design service

Have you been searching for ages for that special piece of furniture and decor or art that you just can’t find in stores? I have access to amazing suppliers, many of whom only sell wholesale to trade and do not sell to retail, so you won’t find their products in any store. Shop with confidence, because I pass 100% of my trade discount to you which means you get more from your budget for your money.

Colour has a powerful effect on how you feel within your space. A cohesive colour palette can make a disjointed home feel harmonious and is a powerful tool to make a room look larger, intimate, warmer, cooler, calming or energetic. My colour consulation will show you how colour is a powerful tool, which when combined with texture and light forms a powerful union to create harmony in your space.

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Juie Evans Design colour consulting as a service

Relax. I’ve got you. Project Management is perfect if you need help to bring multiple phases of your interior design project together. I can source the right furniture and decor or art, help with spatial planning or manage the process with suppliers from selection, to ordering, tracking and freight. With interior design or interior decorating Project Management I take the weight off your shoulders to get the job done so you don't have to worry.

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Project Management as a service for Julie Evans Design

When your kitchen design or bathroom design no longer meets your functional needs or design style, we can help by redesigning it for you. We can solve those nasty functional problems that you've been living with all this time by designing your kitchen or bathroom space for both function and style, because you can have both. When your kitchen design or bathroom design has become dated, it's time for a change and an on trend refresh.

Modern kitchen with 2D and 3D plans to showcase Julie Evans Design Kitchen and Bathroom design service

When you're looking for extra confidence in your interior design and decoration choices before taking the next step of executing the plan, 3D Scaled Renders can be of great value. With 3D Scaled Renders you can see how different pieces, fixtures, finishes and colours come together realistically in your space. Most importantly you see how the spatial dynamics and the interior design or interior decorating vision comes together.

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3D scaled renders of rooms to showcase Julie Evans Design 3D scaled render service

Styling, furnishing and decorating a holiday rental property is vastly different to decorating a home to live in. You live in a home for years, but you visit a BnB for a few nights. The interior design of your BnB can add value by commanding a higher price, or attract more guests which makes you more money. Or, if done poorly it could do the opposite for both. BnB Styling starts with letting your imagination go wild with your investment property.

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View from a kitchen to dining room to showcase Julie Evans Design BnB styling service

This is the full interior design service, the hamburger with the lot, The Whole Shebang. It’s the end to end design service to provide you with a comprehensive vision ready to execute for your space. We include consultation, planning, design and development, and expert recommendations ready for execution, which, if you like we can do for you with our Project Management and Furniture and Art Finder services, and more.

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Modern chic styling of beaureau to showcase Julie Evans Design the whole shebang interior design service

So we've had an Onsite Interior Design Consultation or you’ve seen your fabulous Mood Boards or 3D Scaled Render and you’re ready to get your retail on and shop until you drop. If you’re super confident and ready to roll on your own, go for it! If you’d like for me as your decorator to come and ride along with you to find the right pieces, offer a second opinion or gain access to some of my designer retail discounts, let’s make a date to get shopping.

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Stylish attractive woman with shopping bags showcasing Julie Evans Design lets go shopping service

Now that we’ve met and really got to know each other, it’s time for me to purge my ideas into a visual feast, and get you really excited about your new space. Mood Boards show you how the interior design style and vision will come together and may include specific recommendations from both Julie Evans Design suppliers AND retail suppliers.

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Sample mood board showcasing Julie Evans Design mood board service

As an experienced property and interior design writer, I offer freelance writing services. I love interior design, interior decorating and real estate so much that when I'm not working on projects in those fields, I'm writing about them. Check out the House Proud feature in HUNTERhunter and my blog on my website for some samples of my work.

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Writer at desk with pen in hand to showcase Julie Evans Design writing service
Modern and edgy interior decoration from Newcastle interior designer Julie Evans Design

Ready to get started, or want to know more?

Question: What locations and areas does Julie Evans Design service?

Julie Evans Design services the New South Wales areas of Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, and Port Stephens. Julie Evans is proudly Newcastle based but has lived and worked over the years in the Hunter Valley and Port Stephens, and a stones throw from Lake Macquarie. Julie intimately knows the individual design aesthetics that characterize and make unique each of these areas.

Question: If you pass on 100% of your trade discounts to me, how do you make money?

I charge a fee for service and that’s how I make my money. It’s clear, upfront and totally transparent. I don’t have a homewares shop with stock that I’m trying to sell, or a warehouse of décor pieces that I’ve bought and that I’m trying to push onto my clients. I don’t make secret commissions from my suppliers on what you buy and I don’t mark up their prices to you. If you use my trades, or buy from my suppliers you will get 100% of any trade discount that they give me and you will get their paperwork to prove it. In this way, I can be sure that everything I recommend is bespoke for and unique to you. Your happiness, satisfaction and delight is my only goal.

Question: Do I have to use your suppliers for my trades, fixtures and furnishes?

Absolutely not - it’s a free world and you’re free to choose where you spend your money. That said, I’ve chosen my suppliers and trades carefully and I’ve worked with them and I know the quality of their work. I would highly recommend using them. My suppliers provide trade discounts and I apply 100% of this to you which means you’ll save money without compromising quality or style. At the end of the day my goal is for your space to make your heart sing and if that happens by you choosing to engage or buy with suppliers that are not mine, then so be it and let’s make that happen.

Question: Does Julie Evans Design do residential or commercial interior design?

Yes, Julie Evans Design does both residential and commercial interior design. We started our interior design business in 2014, and over that time we have gained extensive experience with client projects in both residential and commercial interior design fields, and in kitchen design and bathroom design.

Question: How do I know what interior design style will suit me?

If you’re having doubts, don't know where to start or can’t decide about your style or what’s best for your space then my design process can help you. It starts with an onsite interior design consultation, where we walk through your space and look at its possibilities and potential. After that my unique interior design questionnaire will help you to explore your tastes and discover what interior design style appeals to you. From there we bring it all together so the space reaches its full potential and your heart sings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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