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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

I have a theory. Bear with me while I try to explain…

Most mornings my husband, Allan, and I walk our impossibly cute Golden Retriever, Maggie. It’s a great start to the day for all three of us. We get to walk off the guilt from the calorific glass of wine we had with dinner the night before, and Maggie gets to poop somewhere new and meet a whole lot of people she hasn’t met before.

Recently, we’ve noticed more and more rib tickling funny examples of owners looking like their dogs. There’s the poodle with the curly haired, super stylish owner, the British bulldog with the owner who looks like they spend endless hours bench pressing the weight of a young rhinoceros and dead lifting its older sibling. And yes, Maggie and I have similar hair colour and both smile a lot!

Who wore it better? When owners resemble their dogs…Photo credit: Pinterest

There are more occasions than I care to admit, where you’d swear Allan and I had planned to wear matching outfits. But no, it’s a total fluke and it happens ALL THE TIME! In fact, it only happened yesterday where we wore matching white linen to a friend’s birthday BBQ. Total fluke, and a little bit cute!! I guess this is an example of when couples start to look alike.

But what about our homes? My theory is that when you walk into a successful home interior, it will, to a certain extent, look like its owner.

As you may know, I am the Editor of HUNTERHunter’s House Proud feature. I get to go inside our region’s most interesting, beautiful and unique homes and interview their owners about their design journey. A year or so ago, I met local artist, Sophia Flegg in her Newcastle East apartment. Never before have I seen a better example of a home being a true visual representation of its owner. Sophia had turned her humble 1960s apartment into an extension of her. She had made the transition from renting to owning and was excited to put her stamp on her new home. The unit was an explosion of colour, humour, energy and creativity, with deeply personal touches at every turn.

The Newcastle East home of Sophia Flegg. Photo credit: HUNTERHunter

And then there was Elisa and her tiny house just outside of Bulga near Singleton. Elisa is an incredibly talented ceramic artist who had spent years living on her boat in Sydney. Elisa was not only used to living in a small footprint, but she loved it. So when she made the transition from her floating home to living on land, she decided to build a tiny house. It was innovative, smart design and a beautiful homage to her past.

The tiny home of Elisa in The Hunter Valley. Photo credit: HUNTERHunter

One of the questions I put to new clients when I’m getting to know them and to get an idea of their taste and style, is what the dominant colour in their wardrobe is. Now don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean that if they love to wear denim, that they’ll end up with denim curtains, denim sofas and denim cushions and throws! You see, without being consciously aware of it, we all have our own ‘brand’, ie the version of ourselves that we present to the public. You may call it your ‘style’. Either way, it’s what we feel comfortable and confident in. And guess what….we should feel the same way in our home. If our home is an extension of us, our likes, our passions, our style, it will be a design success.

My promise as a designer, is that it’s all about you. And now you can see why….

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