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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Functionality and sustainability will continue to be important kitchen design trends in 2022. Kitchens will become more efficient, with smart technology that helps homeowners save time and energy. Natural materials like stone and wood will remain popular as a kitchen trend, as will minimalist designs that emphasize simplicity and clean lines. While some traditional features may fall out of style, others, like open kitchens and breakfast bars, will continue to be popular.

Let's take a look at what's in and what's out in design with kitchen trends in 2022.

Modern sleek kitchen with mixed materials on trend for 2022
Kitchen design trends 2022: what's in and what's out

Kitchen trends 2022: Functionality over form

Kitchen design trends are changing and recent focus has been on functionality over form with less focus on luxury finishes. Kitchens are now being designed with an open layout that encourages family interaction and allows for multiple uses of the space. This shift away from traditional luxury kitchens is due, in part, to the growing popularity of home cooking and the desire to have a functional kitchen that can accommodate multiple tasks.

This trend towards less-expensive kitchens is also driven by the fact that people are more interested in time spent in the kitchen and cooking as a hobby than they are with luxury finishes and conveniences. In Europe, the trend has been towards less expensive kitchens. In 2010, RACV released a study showing that Australian homes spend up to $47,000 on kitchen designs. The report also concluded that only around 15% of all kitchens are considered ‘luxury’ kitchens.

The trend towards functional kitchens has led to a change in the design of kitchen appliances. The introduction of dishwashers and washing machines, along with matching kitchen appliances, has meant that the traditional cooktop has been phased out.

In Australia, the most common uses of kitchens are as a place to eat (21%), a place to entertain (16%) or a place to work (17%). The kitchen is also used as an informal space for socialising, where family and friends gather around the table or the kitchen island.

With that in mind, kitchens trends in 2022 see a more open layout that are great for entertaining. Kitchens are featuring more counter space and storage, as well as new appliances. Island benches that can be used as a work space, for dining or a social space will become popular again, and homeowners will be able to choose between different materials for their countertops, such as quartz, granite, or marble.

Modern sleek kitchen with open plan design
Functional and open plan, yet also stylish

Kitchen trends 2022: Technology takeover

In 2022, the kitchen will be a high-tech hub of the home. More technological advances will be integrated into kitchens, making cooking and cleaning easier than ever before. Appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers will be equipped with smart features that allow you to control them remotely.

The top technology trends for kitchens in 2022 will also include voice-activated assistants. Found in a growing number of smart devices, voice-activated assistants such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Home have become increasingly popular in recent years, and are likely to continue to grow in popularity. They can be used to control various devices in the home, including kitchen appliances, displays and speakers.

An emerging trend for kitchen design in 2022 is installation of augmented reality displays. Homeowners will be able to use these displays to view recipes, watch cooking tutorials or get information about the ingredients they are using. The displays will also be used for entertainment purposes, such as watching TV or movies, and for socializing with friends and family.

Google home with a mobile linking to it beside it
Smart home devices are trending in the kitchen

Kitchen trends 2022: Mixed materials

In 2022 we've seen the trend to use sustainable materials in kitchen design really take form. Some of the new materials that are being used include bamboo, cork, and recycled glass. These materials are not only environmentally friendly and sustainable, but also stylish and durable.

In the kitchens of 2022, we're seeing more countertops made of recycled glass and concrete. We're also seeing kitchen designs featuring a backsplash of metal (brass or copper mirrored backsplashes can look sensational) and ceramic tiles.

The pre-consumer recycled glass countertop is gaining popularity because it can be installed in kitchens without the need for a backsplash. The countertops made of recycled glass are being chosen over granite or marble. Glass countertops offer the same look and feel of natural stone without the high maintenance. If a backsplash is needed, an interesting combination that we're seeing is metal tiles with glass countertops. The metal tiles, when installed in a contrasting color with the countertop color, add an interesting and striking look.

2022's kitchen design trends sees movement away from all-natural materials like natural wood and towards a mix of natural and man-made materials. This includes using cork flooring, which is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, in addition to other natural materials like bamboo and slate. However, man-made materials like porcelain and quartz will also be used to create a more polished look.

By using a mix of materials, both natural and man-made, designers can create a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional.

Kitchen trends 2022: Sleek and minimalist designs

Kitchen designs have always been a reflection of the times, and in 2022 they are becoming sleek and minimalist. Gone are the days of cluttered countertops and overstuffed cabinets. In their place are open, airy spaces with clean lines and simple finishes. This shift is being driven by several factors, including a desire for more minimalism in all facets of life, a growing interest in sustainable design, and the rise of smart home technology.

As we move through 2022, homeowners are seeking to create a more streamlined and modern look in their homes. One of the main drivers of this trend is the increasing popularity of open-concept living spaces, which make a sleek and minimalist kitchen an attractive feature.

Homeowners are also looking for ways to save space, and a minimalist kitchen can help them do that. Gone are the days of over-the-top, ornate kitchens.

Modern kitchen with sleek minimalist lines and open plan
Sleek and minimalist kitchen design

Kitchen trends 2022: Outdoor kitchens

We're seeing more and more interior designs featuring an outdoor kitchen, which can be as elaborate as the main kitchen in the house. The trend is being fueled by the rise in at-home entertaining and socialising, and a desire from homeowners to enjoy outdoor spaces year round. In fact many home interior designs are extending living spaces into the outdoors, creating more functional spaces than existed before. Outdoor kitchens are perfect for entertaining and can be used for everyday cooking.

Kitchen trends 2022: Colours and patterns

We've moved away from the all white kitchen. Colour is in, but remember it has to work with sleek lines and a minimalist design. Blues, greens and even black is in. We're talking strongs pops of colour rather than entire palettes. Grey is still popular but is being mixed with other colours to create a more interesting look. For example, a light grey kitchen with dark green accents. Black is still popular for kitchen cabinets and cupboards, but not also used at the same time on countertops and backsplashes. Contrasting colours for fixtures really add spark.

Curved lines are totally on trend - for counter tops, cabinetry and surfaces. If they're featuring in your kitchen design you may want to keep geometric patterns with sharp angles away from your design so you let the curves shine. Be careful with floor or back splash tiles with patterns that are too elaborate.

Kitchen trends 2022: Low backsplashes are out

Low backsplashes have been a staple in kitchen design for years, but they're out in 2022. Interior designers have moved away from this style in favour of backsplashes that extend to the ceiling. There are several good reasons for this trend. First, low backsplashes can be difficult to clean, especially if they are not made from a material that is easy to wipe down. Second, they often create an unfinished look in the kitchen. Finally, taller backsplashes help to make the kitchen feel more spacious and open.

Contemporary kitchen with two ladies talking by the stove
Backsplashes all the way to the ceiling are on trend for 2022

Kitchen trends 2022: Butlers pantries

Butlers pantries are trending in kitchen design in 2022. They provide a space for storage, organization, and preparation that is separate from the main kitchen. This can be beneficial for families who want to keep the mess of cooking separate from the living areas of their homes. Butlers pantries can also be used as staging areas for large meals. They can also be used to store seldom-used kitchen items. Some common features of a butlers pantry include cabinetry, a sink, a countertop, and a wine rack. Butlers pantries can also include appliances such as ovens and refrigerators.

Kitchen trends 2022: Open shelving

Open shelving has become one of the biggest kitchen design trends in 2022. Open shelving has many benefits. It can make a small kitchen feel bigger, and it allows you to showcase your beautiful dishes and glasses. It also provides easy access to your supplies, making it easy to grab what you need when you need it.

Kitchen trends 2022: Lighting

Lighting is being used to not only illuminate work surfaces and the cooking area, but also to create an inviting atmosphere. 2022's lighting trends in kitchen design include using natural light more effectively, installing task lighting, and using more decorative lighting fixtures. Let's take a look at each of these trends:

  1. Natural light is king. Windows and skylights are being used to bring in as much natural light as possible, and LED lighting is being used to complement it. And because natural light is free, it's being used more.

  2. Task lighting is making it's way more into kitchen designs, often as over island pendant lights. They're decorative, super stylish and functional.

  3. We're also seeing the rise of smart lighting solutions as well. Smart lighting solutions that fit into the kitchen are becoming commonplace in kitchens everywhere. Homeowners can control the lights and other aspects of the home via their phones or smart devices.

  4. As LED lighting is becoming more affordable, homeowners are starting to use it like they used incandescent lighting. A great example is in decorative strip lighting.

Modern kitchen with open shelves and ornate pendant task lights
Open shelving and ornate task lighting through pendants

So there you have it, there are many exciting trends in kitchen design that we can see in 2022. These trends include smart kitchens, open-concept kitchens, and kitchens with a more natural look. By keeping these trends in mind, you can be sure to create a new kitchen space, or execute a renovation with your interior designer that will be both eye-catching and functional for years to come.

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