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Updated: Dec 26, 2023

From sun up to sun down, whether we like it or not, we all spend copious amounts of time in our kitchens. Regardless of the size of our kitchens, they all have one thing in common - they need to store an awful lot!

Think about it... Kitchens are home to our pantry staples, our refrigerated food, kitchen appliances, crockery, serving ware, pots and pans, utensils, chopping boards, cleaning products, and the list goes on…

We’ve all seen those satisfying pics on Pinterest of perfectly organized pantries with everything in straight rows and neatly labelled. I like to believe that these perfectly curated kitchens have at least one cupboard that spews out mismatched Tupperware, an array of measuring cups and chipped mixing bowls when the doors open. OK. Perhaps this is unlikely, but one can fantasize!

Speaking from personal experience, whenever I overhaul my cupboards and arrange them to perfection, it fills me with such pride and happiness that I could sit and look at them all afternoon. If only, they could stay that way! Here are my 10 essential and genius kitchen design hacks to help you feel more of the love in your kitchen.

1. Use a book end to store your chopping boards

If you want to add a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen, display your wooden chopping boards on the kitchen bench and hold them in place with a funky bookend. Your bookend will add a touch of personality and fun to a functional space.

Chopping boards stored with book ends on kitchen bench

2. Repurpose furniture for storage

Use a sideboard or display cabinet for additional storage. Store your favourite glass ware or crockery on open shelves and your napiery and placemats in cupboards.

Repurposed sideboard as a kitchen cabinet

3. Add unexpected touches, such as a gilt mirror

Kitchen decor can be so predictable! Consider adding a piece of art or an over the top mirror to a wall, creating a visual consistency with the rest of your home. It can also be an effective way to draw the eye away from kitchen clutter and towards your statement piece.

Designer kitchen with green cabinets and skylight

4. Use drawer dividers for kitchen essentials

Once you’ve used drawer dividers once you’ll never want to be without them again. Separate your pot lids, mugs and utensils with this simple solution and soak up the satisfaction of feeling supremely organized.

Kitchen cabinet draw divider

5. Build book shelves above cabinets

I love this one and I’m itching to do it in my own kitchen. Although many of us get our recipes online, I still love a good cookbook and can’t resist buying them for gastronomic inspo. However, they are one more thing to store in an already crowded space. If you have wall cabinets in your kitchen that don’t reach the ceiling, install custom book shelves above to add a practical and colourful addition to your kitchen.

Cook books

6. Install a slimline cabinet

For instant added storage and an opportunity to display your fave pieces, install a slimline open shelved cabinet on your bench top. To help it blend in, paint it the same colour as your wall. Utilising the height in your kitchen, this solution will provide ample space for your glasses, cups and small bowls.

Slimline shelves in kitchen to boost storage

7. Hang spice racks inside your pantry doors

Don’t forget all that potential for vertical storage space behind closed doors! Install rows of spice racks on the back of your pantry door for instant access to your favourite herbs and spices. It’s amazing how much shelf space you’ll save with this nifty trick.

Spice racks inside pantry door

8. Add a freestanding pantry

Is your kitchen in an open plan area? Consider adding a free standing pantry to store any overflow from your kitchen. The flexibility of an added work station will come in super handy - particularly when entertaining.

Free standing pantry

9. Use shelf inserts to double your storage space

Hanging under-shelf baskets and wire or clear perspex stacking shelves can literally double the storage space in your pantry. Readily available from most department stores, these genius additions to your cupboards will make for a super organized pantry and keep your bench tops clutter free.

Kitchen shelving with inserts to boost storage

10. Add a docking drawer

Hopefully all of these tips will have created enough extra storage space in your kitchen now, that you can free up one drawer to be a dedicated docking station. Keep your messy cords and devices tucked away out of sight and easily accessible for the entire family with the addition of power outlets and USB ports to your cabinetry.

Draw dedicated to docking station can declutter your kitchen

So bon appétit my friends. May your kitchens be spectacular and your food scrumptious. If you need help with your kitchen design get in touch so we can create a space to make your heart sing.

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Julie Evans Design is a Newcastle based interior design studio and creator of beautiful spaces. We service the New South Wales areas of Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens. Our goal is to make the potential of your space come to life, so much that it makes your heart sing when you're in it. Check out my interior design services, learn more about me, kitchen design or bathroom design or contact me to have a discussion about your space and your needs.

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