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Julie Evans is an interior designer servicing Islington in the Newcastle, NSW area. Islington is a popular inner city  suburb, with a beautiful range of traditional and modern properties. Located approximately two hours north of Sydney, it is an up and coming area sought by more and more people and becoming an aspirational residential suburb. 

Julie's experience includes working with a lot of interior design clients in Islington. They all enjoy an enviable lifestyle with easy access to cafes, restaurants, the beach, harbour and more. The homes in Islington generally fall into a couple of categories.

The first category is new build homes. These clients have often lived in the smaller, original cottages and homes located on their block of land. Rather than moving out of the area, they knock down and rebuild. Julie Evans has worked with a number of these clients, and written about spectacular homes for House Proud in HUNTERhunter.

Julie will work with you prior to commencing building to choose all the materials, fixtures and finishes for your new home. Including items like flooring, paint colours, lighting, benchtops, cabinetry, tiles and even exterior finishes like bricks and pavers. This helps to streamline the process with your builder and ensure that decisions are not made on the fly. When your new home is complete, Julie can also assist with sourcing furniture and decor to compliment your new spaces.

The other category of project that Julie sees as an interior designer in Islington are the renovators who are extending parts of their home to accommodate a growing family. In these instances, Julie can help with the selection of fixtures and finishes as with a new build. She can also work with you to ensure a cohesive design look and feel across both the old and new parts of the home. This can be through paint colours, flooring and complementary furniture and decor selections. These types of projects are quite flexible for clients and Julie can be as involved as you need her to be.

Chic and edgy interior decoration and design


Modern and edgy interior decoration from Newcastle interior designer Julie Evans Design

Ready to get started, or want to know more?

Find out more about what Julie Evans Design offers and how they can help you by checking out their suite of interior design services or by their instagram for more idea and inspiration. Talk to Julie about how she can transform your spaces and help it reach it's full potential.

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