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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

I need new furniture…. stat!!

STOP!! Don’t buy a thing until you’ve read my top tips to avoid buyers’ remorse…

I get it. You’ve seen loads of swoon worthy pics on Insta and Pinterest, you count down the sleeps until The Block returns to our TV screens, and you look around your space and think “this just won’t do”. Am I right? Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE shopping for furniture but I’ve seen enough mistakes, and made a few of my own, to know that disasters happen. If you follow my tips and tricks, I promise to make your decision making a little easier and to hopefully save you a few bucks along the way. Think of me as your furniture fairy godmother…

That great feeling from home decor success by Newcastle interior designer Julie Evans Design
That feeling when you nail it

Firstly, I offer an on-site consultation where you get to pick my brain about all things interiors for a great stress-free starting point on your design journey. For a little extra, we drill down more deeply into your design goals and I also provide you with a mood board which is an invaluable tool to create the look you want.

So without further ado, here are my six top tips on how to shop wisely for your interior

1. Make sure it passes the mood board test

If you don’t have a mood board, either create your own or give me a call and I can do all of that for you. Once we’ve nailed your mood board, you should be able to look at it and feel the love. It should be a visual representation of how you want your dream space to look and feel. Save a copy on your phone, keep a copy in your car, save it to your laptop. This will be your Bible moving forward. Every piece of furniture you consider bringing home should look as though it jumped straight off the mood board. Once you stray from it, your look won’t come together as you planned.

Awesome mood boards from Newcastle interior designer Julie Evans Design
Start with a Mood Board

2. Measure twice, buy once

Sounds obvious, right? I’ve heard multiple stories of people buying furniture and not being able to get it through the doors when it’s delivered. Or once it’s inside, the proportions are all wrong and it’s thrown the whole space out of whack. Can you imagine the disappointment? First world problem, I know, but one we can all avoid by taking a few basic measurements.

3. Functionality

Does it fit the brief in terms of what you want it to do? Will it store what you need to store? Will it seat enough people? Will it be comfortable? Remember, you’re likely to be living with this new furniture for a number of years, so don’t compromise just because it looks good.

When form and function come together by Newcastle interior designer Julie Evans Design
Form AND function have been considered in this beautiful interior

4. Ask yourself, “Do I really love it?”

If it takes you more than two visits back to the store because you’re just not sure, it’s not the one for you. Invest a little more time to find the perfect piece. Will you still love it in two years? Or will you be tired of it?

5. Don’t buy out of obligation

As lovely and charming as the sales assistants are, don’t feel you have to make a purchase because they’ve been so helpful. They won’t take it personally, I promise!

6. Will it dominate the space?

A room should have one focal point, and the rest of the pieces should live in harmony. If the eye has nowhere to rest, it’s difficult to create a peaceful environment. Use the focal point as inspiration for your accent colours, but don’t try and compete with it.

Great home decor styling to demonstrate how to avoid disaster by Newcastle interior designer Julie Evans Design
The VJ panelling behind the fireplace is the focal point, with the accessories complementing it

Julie Evans Design beige logo horizontal

Julie Evans Design is a Newcastle based interior design studio and creator of beautiful spaces. We service the New South Wales areas of Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens. Our goal is to make the potential of your space come to life, so much that it makes your heart sing when you're in it. Check out my interior design services, learn more about me or contact me to have a discussion about your space and your needs.

So there you have it. Remember, I’m at the end of the phone if you need a little help. It’s what I do. Happy shopping!

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