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Updated: Jun 21, 2022

With thanks to the likes of Airbnb, many of us have found ourselves as unlikely hosts of holiday makers trekking their way around this beautiful country of ours.

Beautiful coastal home decor in holiday home voted best for 2021 by Stayz
Number one pick by Stayz for 2021's best holiday home - Barra Luxe Beach House in Qld

Holidays aren’t what they were back in the day when we were piled into the backseat of the family station wagon, en-route to a week in the sun. Our holidays weren’t accompanied by hashtags and impossibly cool Snapchat stories and Instagram posts.

Our parents were perfectly happy with a dated hotel/motel with a neat little tea and coffee making station and Arnotts biscuits wrapped in plastic. Holiday photos would remain bound within the confines of albums, only to see the light of day when somebody was polite enough to ask to see them.

Fast forward to 2022, and photos filtered to within an inch of their lives are published instantly, on multiple platforms, with audiences in the thousands. And this, my friends, is your opportunity to jump onto this ready made marketing goldmine and let your property shine. The catch? You must nail your home decor styling.

Here are my top tips for nailing your bnb interior design and decoration:

1. Know your audience

Who are your main guests? For example, if your property attracts young families, make space for a kids area so cool, the kids will be screaming to come back for more.

Beautifully executed bedroom interior design
A BnB bedroom like this would have the kids pleading to go back! Photo credit: Pinterest

2. Embrace your local area and theme to suit.

If you’re by the coast, chances are your guests are looking for a beach holiday and all things coastal that come with it. This doesn’t mean a colour palette of blue and white, putting oars on the wall and placing starfish on your side tables. Be creative and embrace memorable and quirky.

Coastal decor done right by this Torquay home
This Torquay home has nailed ‘coastal decor’ without the cliche. Photo credit: Pinterest

3. Capture your guests’ imagination.

Always include a talking piece. Something you wouldn’t expect to see in a home. Buy that piece of art that you wouldn’t be brave enough to put in your own home, or be bold with colour. Remember, your guests will only be staying for a short while, so you can go as big and bold as you desire.

Bravely executed and bold living room interior decoration
Be brave and bold with interior decoration decisions

4. Invest in the most comfortable bedding you can afford.

If done well, the bed is something your guests will potentially rave about and it's the corner stone of your bnb bedroom interior design. Consider mattress toppers for added plushness and a variety of soft and firm pillows to allow your guests to choose. Dress your bed with cushions and layer with throws to make all the more inviting. If within your budget, consider speaking to your local laundromat about having your bed linen professionally laundered between guests. Your sheets will last much longer and will have that 5 star hotel quality feel.

Beautifully styled bedroom interior design
Learn to style a bed like a pro to really impress your guests.

5. Use games and activities as styling opportunities

A stay at a bnb is a chance for friends and family to reconnect, so games are always a winner. Resist the temptation to store your games and activities neatly behind closed doors. Use them as a styling opportunity and have them on show, so guests are sure to find them and play them. It will enrich their stay and make their time at your property all the more memorable.

Games can release or raise tension - depending on who's playing

6. Use an expert

Engage the services of an interior designer who has proven experience and success in BnB home decor styling. Give them a budget, and stick to it. You’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with little outlay.

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Julie Evans Design is a Newcastle based interior design studio and creator of beautiful spaces. We service the New South Wales areas of Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens. Our goal is to make the potential of your space come to life, so much that it makes your heart sing when you're in it. Check out my interior design services, learn more about me or contact me to have a discussion about your space and your needs.

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