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Scaled drawings, including appliances, furniture, finishes and decor pieces in place 



To receive a valuable tool for your styling and design choices



A realistic 3D render of your space with views from multiple angles



Chic and edgy interior decoration and design


3D scaled Renders as an interior design service by Julie Evans Design

3D Scaled Renders

When you're looking for extra confidence in your interior design and decoration choices before taking the next step, my 3D Scaled renders can be of great value. With my 3D Scaled Renders service you can see how different pieces, fixtures, finishes and colours come together realistically in your space.

You can show your 3D Scaled Renders to friends and family to help them visualise your design dreams prior to taking the next step of executing those plans. 3D Scaled Renders can also help when you're finding it difficult to visualise how your finished space will look.

Modern and edgy interior decoration from Newcastle interior designer Julie Evans Design

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